This course surely you have set out to give a boost finally to your English (or French, or even Chinese).

If so, you already know that one of the most straightforward and most practical ways to learn languages today is our smartphone.

With mobile applications, you can not only expand your vocabulary and reinforce grammar; You will also improve your pronunciation and gain fluency to end up speaking like a native.

The mobile is also perfect for taking advantage of the waiting moments and the public transport journeys you make every day.

1. Duolingo

All of us who study English have ever ended up using Duolingo. The best thing about this app and its ability to motivate you and level up almost without realizing it, is that it is entirely free.

With each correct answer, you earn points, and the difficulty of the lessons increases, which you must also complete in the shortest possible time.

practical ways to learn languages by using apps

If you fail, you can see where the error is at the moment. In addition to the multiple-choice exercises, it allows you to listen, translate, and speak to practice what you have learned.

It is a perfect app for those who are weak with willpower since it “forces” you to be constant without being annoying or cumbersome.

2. Babbel

Available for both iOS and Android, Babbel helps you improve and practice languages ​​such as Swedish, Dutch, Italian, German, or English, quite intuitively.

It is not free; you must subscribe to access some of the materials, but the lessons have been developed by linguists and language teachers (not robots) and last between 10 and 15 minutes to follow the daily rhythm of learning without taking too much off the weather.

The app is suitable for all levels, also to start a language from scratch. Above all, it is useful to learn vocabulary on all kinds of topics ( meals, travel, work) and improve written and listening comprehension or fine-tune pronunciation thanks to the voice recognition system.

3. Memrise

Perhaps less known than the other two, another excellent app for learning languages ​​is Memrise. Try to make learning fun and enjoyable to go faster, with interactive games, chatbots, and thousands of videos from native speakers.

You can learn languages ​​like English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. To sound like a native, it allows you to record yourself speaking and compare it to the original pronunciation.

Beyond the typical grammar, its objective is to learn vocabulary and useful phrases that serve you in real conversations.

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