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Alexa skills: Which Are The Best And How to Train Them

Alexa Skills are extra features added by third parties that you can install in your virtual assistant: discover the best. Alexa’s skills are like applications that you can use in your virtual assistant Amazon and thanks to them can improve and extend the functionality of your device.

These extra functions are installed in your assistant through your mobile and can be purchased directly in the Amazon Alexa application’s skill store. Thus, by introducing these skills, all the assistants assigned to your Amazon account will use them.

The variety of Alexa skills is endless: from cooking skills to news-focused, through relaxing apps, music, children, athletes. Discover some of the most important and best Alexa skills.

The best Alexa skills

To install the Alexa skills, enter the Amazon Alexa app, in the Skills and games area, and explore to choose which ones to download. Once you select the ability, you want to download, and you have to click on it to start using it. These are some of the Alexa skills most recommended by Internet users:

1. Trivial

In both its Trivial Pursuit Familia or Trivial Master versions, you can play as a family or in the single-player mode this classic board game you will learn while you entertain yourself.

2. I see I see

Play this classic through Alexa’s virtual house, full of rooms and objects to identify.

3. English with Oxford

If your challenge is to learn English, we present you with the official skill of the publishing house of the prestigious University of Oxford. It is adapted to different levels, and you can choose between British or American English.

4. Little geniuses … of science

Continuing with the field of education, this skill is dedicated to the little ones and developed by editorial Santillana. It allows us to review science knowledge in a fun way.

5. Royal Theatre

With its skill, this prestigious institution tries to bring Opera closer to Alexa users. A perfect way to bring culture to your home.

6. Such a day as today

A fun way to learn something every day. With this skill, you will know a curious fact that happened every day that passes.

7. Clan Tales

This skill comes from the RTVE children’s channel and puts at your disposal more than 100 narrated stories of different genres. The educational contribution has been key in the election process.

8. Stories of History

This skill is perfect for history lovers. With it, you can learn different key episodes from our past in an entertaining way.

9. Cookpad

Kitchen fans will find in this skill a great ally to fuel their creativity in the kitchen—thousands of recipes at your fingertips.

10. Direct to the palate

Another of the personal skills of the kitchen, complementary to the previous one. It will give you access to more number of recipes, and its content is constantly updated.

11. Bamboo

The skill for those who have introduced (or want to) meditation in their lives. Take a few minutes to relax and clear your mind.

12. Sleep sounds

The perfect skill to fall asleep. Background sounds will help you relax and enter the rest phase.

13. Chill Out Radio

This musical skill will provide you with relaxing music for work or relaxing at home. Its variety is very wide. In general, there are many artistic skills that you can explore.

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