The 6 Best Cloud Storage Services in [2020]

Cloud storage services are an excellent alternative to access your documents from anywhere without carrying an external disk or having them stored on your laptop or smartphone.

If you want storage to collaborate with a remote team of coworkers or create a backup for your files, it’s essential to choose the fastest and most reliable option among the best cloud storage services [2020].

We have compared different cloud storage services in terms of storage space, prices, and features. Read on for more information on the best cloud storage services for [2020].

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is ideal for anyone who prefers the Google ecosystem. The web giant thrives on integration with other Google services and your Google One platform, including Gmail and Google Docs.

It offers 15 GB of free Google Drive space for files, Gmail, and Google Photos, with incredibly affordable options for expanded storage. You’ll have access to 100GB for just $2 a month, 200GB for $3, $10 a month will give you 1TB, and $100 10 TB, with up to 30TB available to older users.

Google Drive is tightly integrated into Chrome OS and Android environments and offers expansive storage for devices with limited local memory. Paid subscribers can also enjoy in-depth support for all Google services under the Google One program, email, chat, and phone.

Sign up is as simple as logging in with a Gmail address and password. Google Drive appears directly in your Google toolbar, just a click from your email inbox. You can drag and drop files directly into your browser, or download the desktop client to access Google Drive as a folder, just like Dropbox.

The outstanding features of Google Drive are your tools for sharing and collaborating. It is integration with Gmail and other Google services, you can share files with one click, with or without a passcode.

When you work with working partners on the same Word files like spreadsheets, or presentations, either separately or directly, at the same time, Google Drive marks each person’s contributions with different colored labels to make it clear what has changed.

2. Dropbox Cloud Services

Dropbox is a complete and easy to use service. Even though several offers more initial free space (Google Drive, Mega, iCloud and others exceed 2 GB of Dropbox), many users seem to find the Dropbox referral rewards system irresistible (up to 32 GB of totally free space for accounts Professional plus).

Plus accounts start at $10 a month in annual subscriptions (or $12 a month when billed monthly) for 2 TB. It also offers professional plans with more features; for more money. Mobile compatibility includes Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 Mobile, and Kindle Fire.

Dropbox has excellent features for exchanging files. Dropbox can invite someone to share a folder with you, and that folder will appear on your desktop. It can also send a link to an individual document or image. Also, picture folders look like a gallery, making Dropbox a viable alternative to sharing photos to Imgur and Flickr.

3. iDrive Cloud Services

While other cloud backup companies may offer unlimited storage as a significant benefit, iDrive has consistently outperformed them in user reviews and reviews, offering competitive pricing and a host of exciting features.

With 5 TB free and just over $50 for two terabytes of storage, your options are impressive for personal and commercial use. iDrive supports multiple device backups on Windows computers, macOS, iOS devices, Android, and more, all linked to a single account.

You can complete backup of disks, your most important files and folders on external drives, and access your entire backup through a web browser, a desktop or mobile application.

A backup on hand, there are options for the types of files you want to store, how often backups are made, and you can even protect your data with an encryption password if you wish to.

Are you concerned about download or upload fees? iDrive can send a hard drive to “upload” your data faster or send you one to give you a faster restoration process.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive has undergone some significant updates in recent years and now serves as a solid foundation for Microsoft’s overall productivity solutions.

Not that Microsoft OneDrive does anything better than other cloud storage systems, but it is well-rounded and well-integrated with Xbox and Windows 10 platforms.

If you do not have a compelling reason to choose another service, it’s hard to go wrong with OneDrive. If you have purchased Microsoft’s Windows 10 ecosystem, OneDrive is one of the best solutions for you.

It offers a respectable amount of free space (5GB), inexpensive upgrades, and the ability to get 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy means mobile support is very robust, including iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You can post photos directly from OneDrive to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites, saving time for busy social media users. The service also offers integrated remote access capabilities.

From the website, you can access any computer associated with your account with the OneDrive app installed, including files that are not yet uploaded to OneDrive. is an excellent cloud service that integrates with Office Web Apps, allowing you to work collaboratively on projects, just like Google Docs.

However, Office web applications can open Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents without problems, avoiding any format incompatibility. OneDrive maintains the latest 25 versions of each file, so if a partner makes a change they don’t like, you can easily roll back to an older version.

5. iCloud Storage Services

iCloud is an Apple’s cloud storage service, doesn’t make waves on paper, but it’s excellent to use iTunes as your media hub. iCloud can provides 5GB of free storage while upgrading to 50GB will cost $1 a month, 200GB for $3 a month, and 2TB for $10 a month.

Items downloaded from iTunes will not count against your storage limit, but be aware that iOS devices use iCloud for backup, which can only quickly exhaust storage allocations. iCloud also acts as a media sharing center that works closely with Apple’s cloud-based productivity suite, iWork.

It includes a word processor, among other applications, to share files with other iCloud users, all with an interface that is cleaner and more modular than Google Docs. Still, Apple cannot compete with the price of Google or the universality of its accounts.

6. Box Cloud Storage

Box offers a compelling alternative to users who are wary of placing increasing amounts of information under the control of Microsoft, Google, Apple. Mobile phone support for all accounts includes iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Free accounts start at 10GB, and Starter accounts provide 100GB of storage for $10 per month. Box business plans offer more room and capabilities, such as version history, password-protected sharing, and search capabilities.

All box accounts, even free ones, allow you to share files or folders with a link or URL. It can also integrate the ability to add comments and assign tasks to facilitate collaboration and workflow management.

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