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10 Best Extensions You Can Install On Google Chrome Web Browser

If you didn’t know, you could add “little programs” to the world’s most popular browser, just as you load multiple applications on your phone. How to start? This guide shows you some of the best extensions that you can install on Google Chrome.

It is not a definitive list, and we will update it as the weeks go by so that your browsing on the web is more “powerful.” Best extensions for Google Chrome Browser.

1. Speedtest

This extension lets you quickly know what your internet speed is, without ads, and without having to abandon your current browsing in Chrome, as well as share the result. The tool also tells you how fast a specific website loads.

2. Google Mail Checker

If we can use Gmail and your goal is to have a totally “clean” inbox, you should download this extension right now. The addition to allowing you to see several unread emails, it also works as a shortcut to quickly access it.

3. Awesome Screenshot

It happens that more than one is not sure how to take a screenshot from your computer. There is an Awesome Screenshot, which allows you to obtain these types of images and screen video recordings to make things easier. It also has broad user support.

4. Google Translator

One of the benefits of extensions is that they also save specific steps on certain tasks. For example, when wanting to translate a text, with the Google Translate extension.

It is only necessary to select the paragraph that interests us and press the corresponding button to display the translated text immediately. It is true, suddenly it does not respond as expected, but its benefits are more.

5. Zoom Scheduler

Now that video calls have become part of the “new normal,” what better way than to be able to start or schedule one quickly. Zoom Scheduler also has excellent comments from users.

6. Amazon Assistant

Imagine that you are about to buy a product outside of Amazon, but it turns out that in this digital store, it is cheaper. How are you going to know? In this situation, Amazon Assistant is handy, which is activated automatically when you search for an item in various digital stores: it shows you the price with which you could buy it on the Jeff Bezos platform, and thus check if yes it’s cheaper here.

7. Link to The Text Snippet

This extension is straightforward, but that is where its charm lies. Imagine that you want to share a web article, but you want the recipient to focus their attention on a section of it. Well, Link to the text fragment comes to the rescue.

When you have it installed, all you have to do is select the paragraph, click the mouse right button and click on the Copy link to text option chosen. What follows is to send the generated link to contact so that they can see the area that you previously highlighted.

8. LastPass

The new headache is creating and managing passwords for various digital services. LastPass comes to alleviate it a bit with its extension since it allows you to log in to create solid passwords on the new platforms that interest you. It stands out that it has an almost perfect rating from users.

9. Picture-in-Picture

It often happens that you need to view a YouTube video when you are taking notes in a word processor. Then you need to adjust the tab of the clip, which may take a few minutes, what this extension does in showing you the video in a floating window, which is easier to move around the screen and adjust.

10. Evernote Web Clipper

An extension could not be missing for those users of the renowned productivity tool. With Evernote Web Clipper, you can save pages for later review, highlight key text, and quickly email snapshots, among other options.

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