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How To Close Your Microsoft Account

Closing a user account on an online platform, a social network, or any digital service is not always easy, and if not, to tell those who have tried to say goodbye forever to their Facebook account. How to close your Microsoft account.

In the case of Microsoft accounts, things are further complicated because, through it, you not only log in to your Windows PC but also access multiple services such as and Hotmail, the Office 365 online suite, Xbox Live, Skype or OneDrive.

Therefore, before closing your Microsoft account, you should think carefully.

In any case, if you are clear that you want to close your Microsoft account because you need to open another one, for example, it is essential that you review the subscriptions that you have acted before, move the documents that you have stored in OneDrive to another place or exchange the money of the gift cards.

before closing your Microsoft account, you should think carefully

Microsoft recommends you as to steps prior to closing the account:

  • Check the balance and spend the money you have in your account (you can use it in Microsoft Store).
  • Cancel subscriptions: Services and subscriptions > Payments and billing > Cancel.
  • Set up an automatic reply in your email to announce to whom you write your new email address (from Gmail, for example).
  • Save your data and files. Keep in mind that the music downloaded from Xbox Music cannot be transferred to another device, although you can continue playing the content you have purchased.

Once all this is done, you must enter this link and log in to the Microsoft account you want to close.

After clicking Next, select the checkboxes and choose a reason why you close the account. Finally, select “Mark account for closure”.

Here we are supposed to have finished, but no. In case you regret what you have done or the closure has been accidental (something quite difficult), Microsoft waits 60 days before permanently deleting the account.

This time can come in handy to recover a file or contact that you had in the associated services and in which you did not fall at first.

If you log in during those 60 days, the account closure is canceled and you have access to all your data and services again.

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