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How To Take Care of Your Mobile Battery

Perhaps it is one of the things that has been discussed the most since human beings began to use the mobile massively.

And is that, for many advances that have been made, the autonomy of the battery is always something that has worried users. We give you some tricks on how to take care of your mobile battery.

1. Keep your mobile battery between 30% and 60%

Mobile batteries have a large capacity, 3,500 mAh, 4,000 mAh, or something similar. However, the battery does not perform equally well across the range.

The minimums and maximums in battery capacity are worse than the central zone. You have to think about a brick of juice, when is it easier to use it to pour the content, when it is full when it is almost empty? Always when the capacity is intermediate.

The same thing happens with the battery. The battery will stay healthier when used in intermediate ranges. Therefore, it is good to keep the battery between 30% and 60%, or between 40% and 70%.

This is not always possible, but it is a small detail to keep in mind about mobile batteries.

How To Take Care of Your Mobile Phone Battery

2. Never get to 0% – mobile battery

The extremes are always wrong, but the extreme ends are harmful, and the worst is still the full download, at 0%. Although the truth is that smartphones are already ready so that the smartphone always conserves some battery and is never empty.

However, some of the batteries may be empty, affecting their performance, so the idea is never to drain the battery to 0%. And if we are not going to be able to charge it, at least turn off the smartphone before reaching this point.

3. Avoid high temperatures

If the battery lives in 65-degree environments, it can lose 80% of its capacity.

It is demanding that you are going to subject your smartphone to that temperature. Still, for example, if you have a habit of leaving it in the car in summer, where temperatures are higher than in the street, you could subject it to very demanding conditions.

Something similar could also happen if you leave running a function for a long time. For example, if you forget the phone with an alarm and with vibration, it may be vibrating for hours, which activates the motor, makes the smartphone reach a high temperature, and there is even the possibility that it will burn spontaneously.

Take Care of Your Mobile Phone Battery

4. Avoid low temperatures

We must not fall into the error of thinking that low temperatures are then recommended. Anyone who has traveled to the mountains, or the snow, will know that battery performance drops in the cold.

If we are going to store a battery, let’s avoid that it is also in a cold place. It would be best to look for a site with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.

5. Never store your mobile without battery

The smartphone battery will drain even if we do not use the smartphone. If the battery voltage drops to less than 2.7 volts per battery at any time, we would have a problem because the battery would activate in a way that would prevent us from charging it.

Therefore, if we spend a long time without using the smartphone, we should always leave the battery with some charge.

The recommended thing is 40%, since it is the capacity in which the battery works best, and that is why the manufacturers always send the batteries with that charge.

5. Keep in mind that batteries are not eternal

Using a bad battery can be harmful to the smartphone. It must be understood that batteries have a useful life and that although we believe that the battery works because it is still charged, the truth is that it is not.

When the battery begins to show malfunction signs, such as erroneous percentages of the battery, or blackouts when it still has 60% capacity, we should change it to avoid greater evils.

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