How to Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications – Clear All Notifications

Today, it seems like we get notifications for just about everything. From a new text or email message to the latest social media posts from your friends, notifications never stop.

Do they bother you too much? Do you no longer want to see them even in painting? We explain here how to disable notifications in Windows 10 and smile again.

1. Disable Windows 10 Notifications

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings menu by pressing the Windows keys and “I.” Otherwise, search for Settings in the Windows 10 search bar and click on the corresponding result.

Step 2: Click Notifications & Actions in the menu on the left. This will take you to a screen that provides access to all the settings related to notifications and the Action Center.

Step 3: Click on the System icon, then select Notifications & Actions from the menu on the left.

Step 4: If you want to change the quick actions or actions that appear in your Action Center, you can click Edit your swift actions. This will open a side panel on the right where you can customize the different alerts that appear here.

Most of the dashboard will be filled with recent warnings or actions you took. But look at the bottom, and you will see icons for different “kinds” of notifications.

Click Expand to get the full view. You can click the little pin symbols for each notification type to remove them, or you can go to Add at the bottom to add more notifications until you only have what you want to see.

Step 5: Look for the subtitle Notifications, where you will see a series of alternatives for various types of notifications. The following is a list of the settings that you can enable or disable on this screen:

  • Receive notifications from applications and other senders.
  • Show notifications on the lock screen.
  • Show incoming VoIP calls, reminders, and alarms on the lock screen.
  • Hide notifications when mirroring my screen.
  • Get tips, tricks, and tips while using Windows.

Turn them off to your liking. If you don’t want any, make sure they’re turned off. If it is not yet built into your system, you will need to install the particular application you want to see notifications.

2. Temporarily Mute Notifications

If you don’t want to disable Windows 10 notifications, but you do want to hide them, you can use a tool to silence them with Focus Assist temporarily.

Step 1: Open the Activity Center by pressing the Notification icon at the far right of the Windows taskbar, or by pressing the Windows keys and “A.”

Step 2: Click on the moon icon to enable Focus Assist. This will hide all notifications by default between midnight and 6 am.

Step 3: You can customize it further by right-clicking on the moon icon and going to Settings. This will allow you to change the timing and priority levels of notifications during a more specific time or even when you’re playing.

3. Permanently Mute Notifications

Is it the notification sound that bothers you? Thanks to a late 2019 update from Microsoft, you can turn off all notification sounds in Windows, so everything appears silent from now on. To activate this feature, go back to Settings, go to System, then Notifications & Actions.

If your Windows PC is entirely up to date, you will be able to look at the checkboxes and see an option that says Allow, in case you want the notifications to play sounds.

4. Bonus Track: How to Remove Notifications

Notifications are a phenomenal tool for keeping up with the hustle and bustle of our digital lives. However, when they are excessive, they can saturate the Activity Center and prevent you from seeing the most important ones.

To dismiss notifications individually, click the Action Center icon on the right side of the Windows taskbar and hover over the information you want to ignore. Then, click the X button, located to the right of the notification. You can also swipe a message to the right to dismiss it quickly.

You can delete all notifications for a given app by clicking the X button to the right of the app pool list or click Clear All to close all messages for all apps.

Note: In the spirit of being better connected, Windows 10 notifications will be dismissed on other Windows devices when you reject them in the Action Center on your desktop.

5. Customize Notifications For Each Application

In Windows 10, you can choose to hear or see a combination of notifications with sounds and a banner pop-up in the lower-right corner of the screen. You can also configure multiple apps to only show notifications within the Action Center.

To access this alternative, open the Notifications section in Settings. Scroll down and click on the name of the application you want to adjust, where you will access a more advanced notification menu. Then turn the preferences of your choice on or off if you wish to receive notifications of banner, sounds, or none.

Here are the settings you can configure for most app notifications:

  • Enable or disable notifications.
  • Enable or disable banners, the boxes that appear for each notification, and then disappear.
  • Determine if you want to keep notifications private on the lock screen.
  • Turn notifications on or off in the Action Center.
  • Determine if a sound is played for notifications from that app.
  • Indicate how many notifications are visible in the Action Center before the “show more” drop-down menu appears: one, three, five, 10 or 20 notifications,
  • Determine the priority of notifications, allowing notifications from one application to appear over other less critical notices.
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